• Installing Nvidia GRID Drivers on NCasT4_v3-series VMs
    As I’ve mentioned before, the NCasT4_v3 is probably the sweet-spot GPU enabled Azure desktop. It offers excellent performance for a reasonable price, and can handle most mid level CAD and modelling duties. I’ve no idea of the reasons, but there seem to be a lot of caveats specifically for it, which can make taking advantage … Read more
  • Simple Sign-In for AAD Joined Devices
    We’ve had a couple of clients with AAD joined desktops looking to simplify the user logon experience. Windows Hello plays its part, but users working in organisations using traditional Usernames and Passwords – especially those with unreasonably long tenant aliases – the logon process can be a pain. I’ve seen clients with tenant suffixes along … Read more
  • Application Testing & Migration with Rimo3
    I’ve had the chance to play with Rimo3’s cloud based app modernisation suite and I must say, it provides an excellent alternative to manual application compatibility testing and packaging. For any organisations who use multiple LOB applications, taking Rimo3 for a test drive should be high on the agenda. A lot of this content has … Read more
  • Nerdio Manager for Enterprise – Scripted Remediation Tasks
    We have an AVD client who wanted to install Windows Store applications on personal AVD desktops. Unfortunately, these devices had the AVD optimisation scripts run against them, meaning many core services had been disabled in order to reduce resource usage. These optimisation scripts often have a benefit in Session host environments where resource constraints are … Read more
  • Reduce your AVD Log Analytics costs with Nerdio
    Nerdio Manager for Enterprise now offers Azure Log Analytics optimisations. Here’s a one minute video showing how to reduce the cost of an un-optimised AVD Insights deployment by circa 50%